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Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds are a Dutch cannabis seed bank whose marijuana breeders have been collecting genetics on the cannabis seed scene since 1988! In the early 1990s they served their time working with coffeeshop Dreadlock in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The Ceres Seeds range contains a fantastic selection of cannabis seeds that are Inbred Lines, which means that the cannabis strains that have been back-crossed in order to bring out the top characteristics that the marijuana breeders require. Inbred lines are also often very homogeneous.

The Ceres seeds approach to breeding cannabis seeds is one that specifically focuses on producing seeds of cannabis strains that are easy to grow, reliable, and very stable. By 1999, Ceres Seeds had formed, taking the name from the Roman Goddess of agriculture and motherly love. Their White Panther cannabis strain recently came 3rd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup!

For Ceres indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds, regular and feminised cannabis seeds, autoflowering, 12/12, and high yielding Ceres cannabis seeds - you've come to the best place! 1st Seed Bank can provide a wide range of Ceres Seeds at the lowest prices possible online, always delivered to you discreetly.  

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