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CBD Seeds

CBD Seeds are a cannabis seed bank based in Spain and specialising in exclusively feminised marijuana seeds. The CBD Seeds range includes many 'classic varieties', such as Cheese, Critical, Diesel, Domina, Kali, Lavender, Northern, Shark, Widow, and Yumboldt varieties. CBD seeds also have a range of auto versions of these six cannabis strains including Auto Critical, Auto Diesel, Auto Lavender, Northern Auto, Auto Widow, and Auto Yumboldt.

Also available from CBD Seeds is a range of marijuana varieties suited for medical collectors, this medical cannabis seed collection comprises of 3 different strains: Magma, Vanilla Haze, and Zen. The Magma is a cannabis strain with sedative qualities, while the Vanilla Haze is a cannibis strain that's useful for fighting against depression. The Zen strain has a good cannabinoid profile, making it the best cannabis strain for working up an appetite!

1st Seed Bank provide a whole range of high CBD and medical CBD Seeds, as well as 12/12 CBD Seeds, autoflowering CBD Seeds, and high yielding CBD seeds. You won't find prices as low as ours anywhere else online, and you can receive discreet shipping no matter where you live in the world. 

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