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CBD Crew Seeds

CBD Crew Seeds is a cannabis seedbank with a focus on advancing the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. A collaboration between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds, CBD Crew Seeds aims to produce 100% stable, CBD and THC rich marijuana seeds for both medical uses and recreational uses. CBD Crew strains typically contain 5-6% THC and 5-6% CBD/. The CBD Cannabinoid is thought to have medicinal benefits, with some suggesting that it is great for dealing with pain and anxiety, as an anti-inflammatory medication, and even for preventing cancer! As a fantastic new seed bank CBD Crew Seeds are setting higher standards for future THC/CBD cannabinoid balanced cannabis seed breeders.


You can find 12/12 CBD Crew Seeds, Autoflowering CBD Crew Seeds, High Yielding CBD Crew Seeds, Regular CBD Crew Seeds, and Outdoor CBD Crew Seeds right here at 1st Seed Bank for the lowest prices available online - and with discreet worldwide shipping! 

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