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Cannarado Genetics

Cannarado Genetics has an unyielding passion for breeding cannabis seeds and are dedicated to producing the best strains possible! 1st Seed Bank is therefore very proud to offer the full range of Cannarado Genetics seeds, available in both singles and full packs, for the best prices online!

Popular seed strains include:

Birthday Cake S1

Birthday Cake S1 is a strain loved by all who come into contact with it. We thought it was pretty appropriate to give this strain a thorough breakdown:

Birthday Cake S1

Birthday Cake S1 from Cannarado Genetics is Birthday Cake crossed with the Birthday Cake. 

Flowering times are around 56-65 days, and each pack is supplied with six feminized seeds.

Brand: Cannarado Genetics

Pack Size: 6 Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake

Seed Type: Feminised

Otherwise known as Cherry Cookies, this is one of Cannarado Genetics Indicas. The Birthday Cake can be cultivated indoors and will need approximately 63 days and can also be cultivated outdoors to get that natural sunkissed smoke. 

The feminized Birthday Cake from Cannarado Genetics has a typical high THC content and is a well-loved strain by both medicinal and recreational users in legal areas. For a collector's item, the well-loved Birthday Cake variety is sure to hold a place in your collection. 

Let's talk a bit about the creation of this strain:

Birthday Cake S1 was bred from Birthday Cake with Birthday Cake. In case you're confused, this means that (Cherry Pie x GSC) x (Cherry Pie x GSC). And yes, Cherry Pie and GSC are the parents of Birthday Cake S1. 

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) is a famous strain and is loved for its excellent aroma and high resin production. Birthday Cake S1 inherits the best characteristics from both tasty parents, Cherry Pie and GSC.

When you first see substantial growth on this plant, you will begin to notice how vigorously the plant begins to branch out, developing internodes, a knobbly flower bud, and finishing off with a long cola. 

How does it Taste?

As one would expect, the Birthday Cake is as delectable as its name suggests. And with GSC and Cherry Pie as parents, could it be any other way? 

Birthday Cake S1 delivers a delightful fruitful creaminess to your palate. Imagine cherry and biscotti fueled tastes precluded by an exotic and fruity gassy scent. 

How Does it Grow?

Birthday Cake S1 is best grown in an indoor environment, and should take around 56 - 70 days for cultivation. As for the yield, a maximum of 600g per plant (for outdoor grows) and 500g per plant for indoor crops.

As the plants approach harvest time, large buds will emerge with contrasting orange pistils, purple shades, and snow like speckles of trichomes. A pretty plant indeed.

How does it Deliver?

The Birthday Cake S1 strain typically delivers a powerful yet deeply relaxing effect. Users report it as a pleasant experience, uplifting and clarifying mental capacities. And slowly, as the body assimilates the cannabinoids and terpenes, the muscles begin to release residual tension caused by daily life.

Sounds great, doesn't it? And as a collector's item, we think the strain's name, Birthday Cake, is enough to make any collector smile.

Some other popular weed seed strains from Cannarado Genetics:

Meat Pie

This indica dominant seed strain is a mix that stays true to Cannarado Genetics' inherent philosophy to bring stable strain genetics to the cannabis marketplace.

These feminized Meat Pie seeds are THC dominant and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Meat Pie: Genetic Lineage

Cannarado created this feminized only seed strain with the specific phenotypes from the following strains:

Chemdawg D

Birthday Cake

Chemdawg D is a Chemdawg phenotype. It results from the crossing of two strong strains; Birthday Cake (Cherry Cookies) and Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut.

Like its parent strains, ChemDawg D has a hybrid's appearance, with elongated stems and many branches sprouting from the plant's main tip.

How does it Taste?

At first, you will notice hints of citrus and fuel; the smell is full-bodied and creamy. The fuel and earth aroma is inherited from its parent, Chemdawg, and the creaminess is inherited from the Birthday Cake strain.

How Does it Grow?

The feminized seeds will be ready for harvest within approximately 56 - 70 days, and the yield will be around 500g per m2 for an indoor grow and a yield of 700g for each outdoor grown plant.

How does it Deliver?

Meat Pie typically induces an intense psychedelic onset that relaxes into more of a peaceful sedation. Physically, the muscles typically become quite relaxed as stored muscle tension can be released.

Sundae Float

Another THC and Indica dominant hybrid, Sunday Float could become one of Cannarado Genetics' most popular strains.

Sunday Float: Genetics

Sunday Float's unique genetic profile is a creative mix of Root Beer Float (XXX OG x Vanilla Kush) crossed with Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie).

How Does it Taste?

This strain is highly aromatic, and as such, is jam-packed full of terpenes and resin. Sunday Float is a favorite amongst concentrate enthusiasts, not only for its aromatic characteristics but also for its high resin production.

How Does it Grow?

The seeds are only available as feminized seeds and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.

The seeds grow into bushy, robust plants- reminiscent of typical Indica plants. Sundae Float is a vigorous plant and is typically ready for harvest between 56 and 65 days after flowering. The yield for outdoor cultivated Sundae Floats is approximately 700g per plant, while indoor grows yield as much as 500g per m2.

How does it Deliver?

The initial effect is strong and relaxing. Users report a calming of the mind in a slow and steady manner. Thus, Sundae Float is a popular evening strain for those who want to steadily prepare for a good night's rest.

Cannarado's genetically superb seeds can be found right here at 1st Seed Bank. If you are looking for more of Cannarado's seeds, just check out our website. What is your favorite Cannarado seed strain? You can find them all right here!

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