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Cannabiogen Seeds

Cannabiogen Seeds are a Spanish cannabis seed company that have spent the last 20 years travelling the world to collect landrace exotic marijuana strain seeds from places like Jamaica, Colombia, India, Thailand and Pakistan. Cannabiogen Seeds have stabilised these cannabis genetics over the years, meticulous selecting desired traits, creating some awesome marijuana hybrids from these IBLs.

Cannabiogen are one of the first seedbanks to implement a returns scheme; so if you have any problems with your seeds, each pack of cannabis seeds have a lot number which can be used to claim a replacment pack. Cannabiogen's confidence in the quality of their cannabis seeds is clear to see and should be a great indicator that they are a cannabis seed bank with strains worth collecting!

Thanks to 1st Seed Bank's wide range and fantastic low prices, you can find feminised Cannabiogen Seeds, regular Cannabiogen Seeds, indica Cannabiogen Seeds, sativa Cannabiogen Seeds, and super strength Cannabiogen Seeds here too! We can ship to any location around the globe and cannabis seed packages will always arrive discreetly.  

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