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Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds is a professional Spanish cannabis country that is small and tight-knit. Their focus is on producing a few different types of seeds and making them the best they can be. Buddha Seeds works to enlarge their company by working on more types of seeds all the time. They are a slowly budding brand and take pride in their humble roots. Their motto has always been ‘quality over quantity’, and they stick to that motto. They don’t care how much recognition they get, they only care about the quality of their seeds and the customer’s utmost satisfaction. 

Top Shelf Marijuana Seeds For Sale

This is a cannabis seed bank that takes their time to craft their strains to have the highest quality. Buddha Seeds produces some fantastic quality strains and seeds. For example, their five-star seed called Calamity Jane is for sale on the 1st Seed Bank website. Another good place to find out about Buddha Seeds is their Instagram. 


On their Instagram, they post about their seeds and how innovative they are when it comes to the cannabis seed market. They post pictures of the plant with all the information you need before purchasing. They display all their different types of seeds, so you can find which is the best for you. If you do not speak Spanish, you may seem to do some translating, although that is pretty easy and not too much of a hassle. The Spanish roots of this company accounts for some cultural flair to the seeds that you won’t find with any other company. The Buddha Seeds Instagram has recently gotten started and is slowly growing. If you want to check out any of the high-quality seeds and strains available at Buddha Seeds, check out their section at 1st Seed Bank. They have some different strains available and something for every collector around. 

1st Seed Bank is the place to be for all of your regular, indica and 12/12 Buddha Seeds cannabis needs, as well as for Autoflowering Buddha Seeds and Short Height Buddha Seeds. You won't find such fantastic marijuana seed prices or such discreet worldwide shipping anywhere else! 


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