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Brothers Grimm Seeds

Founded in 1996 as a partnership between retailer Heaven's Stairway and Mr. Soul and Sly, Brothers Grimm Seeds have since become renowned for their constant production of high quality and high potency cannabis seeds. Brothers Grimm Seeds made a step forwards and experienced a resurgence in 2015 by creating with the breeder Duke Diamond. Together, they specialize in dense budding, fast flowering, high resin production, high THC, intense psychoactivity, and a unique palette of terpenes with optimal yield and no hermaphroditism. Brothers Grimm Seeds produce consistently outstanding results.

And we are more than happy to announce that 1st Seed Bank now stocks the full range of Brothers Grimm marijuana seeds! With strains including Apollo, Cinderella, Killer Queen, Queen of Soul, and Rosetta Stone available at the lowest prices online, you won't need to look anywhere else! 1st Seed Bank ships worldwide, and always discreetly.

Being a Colorado-born and bred cannabis seed bank, the Brothers Grimm are no strangers to the cannabis industry.

Brothers Grimm Seeds are renowned for one thing in particular; they produce highly selective cross breeds and strains. And not only are they highly selective about their crosses, but the strains are unusual and original. The Brothers Grimm Seeds have created an inventory of strains that come from renowned phenotypes and even legendary landrace strains. One of their most popular strains is the Cinderella 99- a strain that even the fussiest of cannabis connoisseurs enjoy. 

What Sets Brothers Grimm Seeds Apart?

Most cannabis enthusiasts and seed collectors know what to expect from a decent breeder. Brothers Grimm Seeds will deliver the fundamental aspects of a quality seed strain, plus extra. Before any crossing and breeding occurs, the team of breeders over at Brothers Grimm Seeds spends considerable energy and resources selecting the correct genetics they want to work with. By doing this, they are able to discover and identify the precise genetic profiles they want to work with and also create.

Each breeding endeavor will have varying goals and parameters to meet these goals. However, there are several outcomes that you can always expect from a Brothers Grimm seed strain. Their seeds will generally have the right genetics to produce plants that have a compact structure, are fast to flower, produce dense buds, unique terpene profiles, and a typically high resin production.

So, you now know that just about any seed from the Brothers Grimm Seed company will be a valuable addition to your seed collection, how do you know which to choose first? 

Buy the Best Brothers Grimm Seeds

The best Brother's Grimm Seeds are literally just a click (or two) away. Take a look at some of 1st Seed Bank's favorite cannabis seed strains from the Brothers Grimm company.

Cinderella 99

No Brothers Grimm seed list is complete without the infamous Cinderella 99. When the company all but disappeared in 2002, the last of the Cinderella 99 seeds were snapped up, and the genetics seemed to have been lost to time. However, with a renewed zest, the Brothers Grimm company bounced back into the industry, bringing with them the Cinderella 99.

Experienced breeders were cloning mother Cinderella 99 plants to preserve the genetics. And as it goes with cloning and breeders, the legacy was continued through C99 hybrids.

In 2015, the Brothers Grimm re-released the Cinderella 99 to the delight of many happy cannabis connoisseurs. The team recreated the strain with precise attention to detail. Phenotypes were selected from the original Cinderella 99 batch, and these were evaluated until the right male to breed Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 was found. The Brothers Grimm had their "Holy Grail" Princess female ready for pollination. And after all that work, the team has been reveling in the success ever since. The Cinderella 99 seed strain was re-released to the public and was (and still is) loved for both its quality of high and flavor.

The re-released Cinderella 99 really does seem to have it all, including a rich terpene profile, and an intense and enjoyable flavor. The Cinderella 99 offers a typical, clear high that ignites both imagination and creativity (which stems from the Haze genetics). The Cinderella 99 is a sativa dominant seed strain that you really should have on your collector's shelf- if you haven't already. The strain has high THC levels that generally send even the most seasoned smoker soaring.

And above all else, there are few Cinderella stories like the one that Cinderella 99 has. After ten years of being lost in the cannabis industry, the public are always eager to stock up on Cinderella 99 seeds.

Make sure you are buying the true Cinderella 99, which you can get right here at 1st Seed Bank.

Queen of Soul

The Queen of Soul certainly is a Queen of something- it was designed, created, and bred over the course of three generations- yes, you read that right- three generations.

Stemming from some of Brothers Grimm's most successful seed strains, the Queen of Soul is a master blend of top quality genetics. The breeders over at Brothers Grimm used Cinderella 99 and a male Vortex to create the Queen of Soul. The Vortex male was chosen after thorough selection, and after the ideal male was found, TGA was used to pollinate the Cinderella 99. The result was hundreds of seedlings, and these were then evaluated after reaching maturity. Once again, the team at Brother Grimm used a long and painstaking process to find the ideal male from this crop and was then used to pollinate a female Princess, who is one of the parent plants to Cinderella 99. Are you still with us? If you got lost somewhere amongst the cross-breeding, then all you really need to know is that the Queen of Soul is a hybrid of three strains; Cinderella 99/Vortex x Princess.

But that’s not all.After the Cinderella 99/Vortex x Princess, more seedlings were bred and grown. Once they have reached maturity, another ideal male was selected.Once this male was in 'hand,' it was used for a second backcross to Princess. And that folks, is a wrap. Once this backcross was performed, the breeders were happy with the incredible hybrid that we have come to know and love as Queen of Soul.

If anything, the painstaking process that went into creating this strain should be enough to add it to your cannabis seed collection. Get yours today right here at 1st Seed Bank and see why everyone loves the Queen of Soul.

Apollo 11

If you love a bud with a funky skunky smell, then you'll love Apollo 11.The Apollo 11 is a well-known plant that is famous for her strong skunky smell that packs a punch. Most Apollo 11 phenotypes are a healthy balance between Indica and Sativa and keeps most cannabis enthusiasts happy with its well-rounded characteristics. Apollo 11 is a popular choice at social gatherings, despite some reports of exasperated anxiety. Why do you think that this strain was named Apollo 11? Perhaps because it has an intense cerebral high, shooting through space. This strain is celebrated throughout the cannabis industry for its revered genetics, consistently high quality high, and excellent yields. Apollo 11 has been around since before the legal cannabis industry was even a speck on the horizon, and should definitely be added to your collection.

Check out our extensive range of Brothers Grimm seed strains today. 


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