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Blackskull Seeds

Blackskull Seeds was formed by a pair of growers from the UK who moved to Spain in the early 2000's to perfect their cannabis growing and breeding techniques. After relocating to a rural 'Finca' farmhouse in sunny Catalonia, Blackskull Seeds now focuses on producing fantastic marijuana strains with much quicker flowering times.


Over the last decade, Blackskull Seeds have worked tirelessly to create 7 great feminised photo period strains which can finish in as little as 7-8 weeks without compromising on yield, taste or potency. These include including Jack Herer, Afghani, Power Plant, and Super Bud. As for autoflowering cannabis strains, Blackskull Seeds have developed 6 auto varieties, which are truly something to behold!

Indica seeds? Sativa seeds? Super strength cannabis seeds? Autoflowering marijuana seeds? Whatever you're looking for you can find it in the Blackskull Seeds range via 1st Seed Bank. We provide Blackskull cannabis seeds for the best prices online! 

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