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Big Head Seeds

1st Seed Bank is proud to announce the welcome arrival of Big Head Seeds to our vast cannabis seeds collection. After a life-altering experience in 1990, 'Big Head' of Big Head Seeds set off on a journey around the globe with a mission to discover ceremonial plants and people who understood their properties. In 2002, Big Head facilitated a meeting of two expert plant breeding minds and over a decade later this triangulation has culminated Big Head Seeds being renowned as one of the best marijuana genetics curators in the world.


Big Head Seeds are producers of some of the highest quality, superior cannabis strains on the market, and for the first time ever, these premium cannabis seeds are available to purchase from 1st Seed Bank! You can buy the whole range, including 12/12 Big Head Seeds, Autoflowering and Fast Flowering Big Head Seeds, Super Strength Big Head Seeds, and High Yielding Big Head Seeds at the lowest prices available online - all shipped worldwide, discreetly. 


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