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Big Buddha Seeds

Based in the UK but with many of their projects being carried out in the Mediterranean, Big Buddha Seeds has been part of the UK cannabis scene for a long time. Big Buddha himself is well known for his columns in Weed World, as well as for being the marijuana cultivator that produced the infamous Big Buddha Cheese cannabis strain! As well as the Big Buddha Cheese strain and the other feminised cannabis strains that centre around it, there are also other well known strains such as Blue Cheese, Freeze Cheese ‘89, Chiesel, and Bubble Cheese in the range.


Some significant cannabis strains in the Big Buddha range that do not include the Big Buddha Cheese genetics include Buddha Tahoe, The Kali, Buddha Haze, and G-Bomb. There are also now several autoflowering marijuana seeds in the fantastic Big Buddha cannabis seeds range.


1st Seed Bank stock a whole range of Big Buddha Cheese strains, as well as many Big Buddha 12/12, autoflowering, super strength, high yielding, and outdoor cannabis seeds. You'll always find your Big Buddha Seeds at the lowest prices online via 1st Seed Bank, and we can deliver discreetly, worldwide! 

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