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BC Bud Depot

Cannabis seedbank from British Columbia, Canadian BC Bud Depot pride themselves in developing award-winning cannabis seeds and offering a comprehensive range of marijuana seeds. BC Bud Depot's award-winning strains include The Purps, Sweet God, The Black, BC God Bud and Texada Timewarp, which are popular with both beginners and experts in the cannabis field. BC Bud Depot began as a small growing association in the late 1990s and they have now grown to produce thousands of cannabis seeds every month. BCBD believe themselves to be setting the standard to other cannabis seed banks from around the world.

Regular and feminised cannabis seeds, high yielding and high CBD cannabis seeds, and outdoor cannabis seeds are all available from BC Bud Depot via 1st Seed Bank - we offer the lowest prices online, plus discreet worldwide delivery! 

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