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Find authentic marijuana seeds from Barney’s Farm in our seed bank! Almost every cannabis enthusiast, whether novice or advanced, has heard of Barney’s Farm. They provide marijuana seeds for some of the most popular strains such as the Glookies strain! Hailing from The Netherlands, Barney’s Farm started out as a coffee shop in an Amsterdam street and developed into a popular coffee shop.

As Barney’s Farm grew in popularity, their brand became solidified and easily recognizable throughout the community. The company quickly became recognized as one of the most trustworthy cannabis seed breeders in the industry. Almost every online cannabis seed retailer will offer seeds from Barney’s Farm. But what’s behind the brand?

Let’s take a look at Barney’s Farm and seeing whether seed collectors should buy Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds online and which Barney’s Farm cannabis seed strains should be added to your cart. 

About Barney’s Farm Seed Bank

More like who is behind the brand, legend has it that Barney’s Farm was created by a man that most only know as Derry. According to the story, this man named Derry was trailing throughout the Himalayas during the 1990s with a group of individuals that all seemed to have one thing in common; finding pure, authentic, landrace marijuana strains.

These days, we have everything almost all figured out. We have technology and information at the tip of our fingers, and it seems all the foundational discoveries have already been made. But back then, in the ’90s, that was an epic task to undertake for many passionate cannabis enthusiasts.

Once the journey had been completed, Derry apparently traveled back to his homeland, aiming to put his newfound knowledge and experience to work. Once he had settled back in the Netherlands, he launched his business. Barney’s Coffee Shop was opened to the public in 1992 and rapidly became one of Amsterdam's most frequented coffee shops.

The past certainly cemented Barney’s Farm seeds in the cannabis industry, as well as the community, but what about the present? Barney’s Farm has adopted a modern-day approach to business and has a thriving online presence for their cannabis seeds. Strains developed by the master geneticists at Barney’s Farm have collected many awards over the years, and many of their strains have gone on to become steadfast winners at most cannabis awards.

While their more traditional strains like Wille Nelson and Tangerine Dream continue to wow judges, even years after their inception, Barney’s Farm continues to strive for new strains that develop with industry demand trends and tastes. With the recent boom in CBD interest, the breeders at Barney’s Farms have developed a series of delectable CBD strains. 

Known Cannabis Seed Strains From Breeder

Barney’s Farm has racked up quite the selection of strains over the years, so it can be daunting when finding one or two to add to your collection.

Let’s discover some of Barney’s Farm seeds best today below: 

Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez is one of Barney’s Farm's most popular seed strains at the moment. This strain is created by breeding GG4 with Zkittez, lending it its obvious name of Gorilla Zkittlez. Because of these genetics, Gorilla Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid that has been reported as a potent strain. These high potency reports come as no surprise as the Gorilla Zkittlez is typically bursting with terpenes and has an average THC rating of 24%.Get Gorilla Zkittlez seeds online from 1st Seed Bank today. 

CBD Strain: CBD Critical Cure

CBD has burst onto the mainstage in recent years, giving researchers and breeders alike inspiration to delve into this cannabinoid. Whether for research, profit, or fun, CBD has been dominating the market in recent years. Breeders at Barney’s Farm decided to meet industry needs by creating a series of high CBD strains. One of these strains is CBD Critical Cure, another strain in high demand.

CBD Critical Cure is indica dominant, typically containing 15% CBD and has a rich, earthy terpene profile. 

Wedding Cake Auto

Wedding Cake was one of 2019’s most popular cannabis seed strains, and Barney’s Farm is dedicated to always bring out new strains- even if it’s a twist on an already popular strain, such as the Wedding Cake Auto.

The Wedding Cake Auto is an auto-flowering version of the famous Wedding Cake cannabis seed strain, loved for its delicious taste and high THC content. 

Barney’s Farm: A Firm Favourite

Barney’s Farm continues to bring new strain innovations to a bustling cannabis industry. With such deep roots in the cannabis community, we can only see good things on the horizon from Barney’s Farm. Whether you are looking for a new release from Barney’s Farm to add to your collection or an old-time legend, 1st Seed Bank has it all for you.

Browse through Barney’s Farm collection of cannabis seed strains and find your favorite today. 


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