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Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds are at the forefront of creating the next generation in autoflowering cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, also known as automatic seeds, take away the need to change light cycles or remove males, resulting in an extra easy harvest of high quality cannabis. Based in Spain, Auto Seeds and their breeders have used knowledge and marijuana genetics to create a 'new breed' of automatic cannabis seeds that have vastly increased yield and potency with substantial improvements in both flavour and aroma. The Auto Seeds marijuana seeds range includes 10 different auto flowering varieties for you to get stuck into, from Berry Ryder and Purple Cheese to Ultra Lemon Haze.

At 1st Seed Bank, we stock short height Auto Seeds, high yielding Auto Seeds, Indica and Sativa Auto Seeds, and Auto Seeds Sweet Tasting cannabis seeds. All available at the lowest prices online and with discreet worldwide shipping.  

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