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Ace Seed Bank

Ace Seed Bank 

Ace Seeds are a Cannabis Breeders Association that are passionate and dedicated to the study and preservation of the cannabis plant. In particular, Ace Seeds feel it's vital to preserve the original landrace cannabis varieties and the biodiversity of these cannabis strains.

Ace seeds are champions of medical cannabis use, and are also particularly well known for producing some of the best sativa strains on the market. Ace Seeds also boast an impressive collection of more modern domesticated cannabis hybrids and exotic marijuana strains from Central America, Asia, and multiple African regions.

You can find a huge rage of feminized Ace Seeds, regular Ace Seeds, super strength Ace Seeds, landrace Ace Seeds, and sativa Ace Seeds all here at 1st Seed Bank - stock list of Ace Seeds. These cannabis seeds are available to buy online at low prices, and delivered with discreet worldwide shipping. 


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